Amy Kolz is the owner, artist, and baker behind Village CakeCraft. She handles every last detail of your cake or cake pop creation, guaranteeing a one-of-a-kind custom dessert that will be the centerpiece of your celebration.

A lifelong lover of all things sweet, Amy grew up as the resident baker in her family, but she didn’t discover her love of cake artistry until her two sons asked her to make a 3-D police car for a school cake fair. She fell in love with the challenges of cake sculpting and has used any excuse to bake a cake ever since. She completed the Institute of Culinary Education’s Professional Cake Decorating Program, studying under renowned cake artists Toba Garrett, Elisa Strauss, and Colette Peters. In 2013 she established Village CakeCraft, a small cake studio dedicated to creating beautiful cakes that taste as amazing as they look.

Amy specializes in hand-decorated, 100% edible creations, using a delicious combination of decadent cake, silky buttercream, high quality fondant and modeling chocolate. 

It was perfect. The cakes were spectacular tasting and looking. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!
— Michelle F.
Wow the cake was incredible and not a single piece left!
— Julie G
The cake was fantastic looking!! And tasted great. We got SO MANY compliments!!!!
— Liz H.
The cake was a huge hit with everyone. It is so beautiful and soooooo delicious. Kids, adults, everyone loved it. Thank you very much!
— Teona J.